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Sneaker Revolution in Men Shoes World
Transformation process has been continuing increasingly for a few seasons. Changing habbits of the modern men, and his fast living, self-confident lifestyle have made the comfort important as much as style in perception of Daily use shoes. Nowadays, we see that people started to prefer daily use leather sneakers with even their suits. It seems so far that in near future there will be a sneaker version of every type of men shoes and in the end of this transformation process we won’t be able to come across that old fashion classic shoes easily.

Men Shoe Types
We said “every kind of shoes will have a sneaker version” but, what are these species? Even If in Turkey common sense seperates shoe categories as classic and sport, these are the main types that has left a mark on world literature;
Classic Sneaker (Luke, Tony)
When it comes to casual sneaker it is the first revival type in your eyes. They are designed to be used for sports competitions and other physical exercises. They are preferred without differentiating time/place because of the comfort is increasingly important nowadays.
They are manufactured using soft materials and rubber soles. Usually they have 6-7 shoelace holes. When the sneaker is called this type of shoe is assumed to be without wrist, the versions of the wrist that we see today in the showcases are called “High Top sneaker”.
The word “sneak” means moving quietly, such shoes have taken the sneaker name because they are silent.
In simple thinking the soothing, softened, muted, eased version of any shoe is sneaker when combined with a sporty sole.
Trainer (Roger)
In addition to having the same characteristics as the classic sneakers, Trainers are not designed for any sports branch. It is aimed to be casual shoes of people who have athletic spirit. Until the 1980s, the sneakers were usually in the main color tones and they were the products mostly used for its functional purposes, trainers appeared in more fun colors and different sole structures.
Today, the most distinctive feature of trainers is its sole structure which is curled to the nose. By this structure shoe gets a more sporty look, also earns durabilty against damage can occur from the frontal part.
If you have a truly athletic spirit, you don’t need any shoes another from Trainer models.
Derby Shoes (Tom)
This is the first type that spring to mind when it comes to men shoes. It’s a classic model which has 4-5 shoelace holes. Sholelace parts are not fixed to the upper part; thus the distance between left and right shoelace holes can extend or tighten, according to the structure of metatarsus. Thanks to this feature they usually fit every size of foot easily and they shortly described as opened-tie.
The sneaker adaptation of this type which is normally preferred in classical attire, can be worn under any suit. Especially, it is a semi-formal type that people who work in institutional structures can easily choose as a daily sport shoe.
Oxford Shoes
They are very similar to Derby shoes at first sight. The most important difference between them shoelace holes on the left and right side of the shoe are fixed on the upper part.This gives the shoe a more tidy and gentle look. They are shortly described as closed-tie shoes. Due to laces do not allow enlargement, the mold must be very skillfully made in such shoes.
Man and woman version of this type has become very popular in the 1940’s and they are still preferred as a classic by people who have subtle tastes. In the same way, the Oxford sneakers has already been a classic in the collections of many luxury brands.
Wingtip (Brouge) Shoes (Charlie)
When a w-shaped piece is added to the nose of the shoe over the Derby or Oxford structure, the name of this type will become Wingtip. If there are staples on the Model parts, takes the Wingtip Brogue name.
Compared to Derby or Oxford, they are preferred with more sports combinations. You can prefer it with a jean, chino or casual pants, combine a sporty jacket or blazer.
It’s impossible that look not modern and stylish with Wingtip sneakers.
Monk Strap Shoes (Johnny)
This is the name given to the classic shoes have only single buckle. The two-buckle versions take the name of the double Monk strap.
You can combine the sneaker version of this type, which is usually combined with classic clothes with no ties, as a casual sport shoe with your jeans and sporty clothes.
Loafer Shoes (Edward)
Loafer is a type of shoe that never will be obsolete without distinction summer-winter, night-day, female-male since 1970’s. Their most distinctive features are the lack of laces and they are also refered as Slip-on (easily worn) because of this property.
Laceless shoes named as Makosen and Driver are actually also a loafer. Makosen is the heel-free (straight-based) version of a Loafer with classic heels. The version called Driver is a version of Makosen which has a sole reaching to the back part of the heel by curling over the back. In this way, shoe is prevented from the damage can be caused by rubbing it to the floor mat when driving a car.
In this point of view we can predict that each one of the main invasion types listed below, will have a Makosen and a Driver version. Of course with a Sneaker version!
Penny Loafer
On the front side of the shoe, there is a narrow slit in the middle of the leather belt. In the early 1900s, students really wore this model by putting a Penny in this part. They always look good with jeans and fabric pants.
Tasseled Loafer
There are 1 or 2 decorative leather handles with tassels at the front end. It’s a preffered model for men who loves fashion and are not afraid to show themselves. Not just in a classic suit, they look great even under a sporty pair of shorts.
Buckeled Loafer
It created this category by using a metal buckle instead of the belt in a big fashion brand Penny Loafer, and buckled loafers have made the indispensable classics of modern business men.
You can combine it with almost any type of outfit and provide an elegant look.
Slipper Loafer
It is a type of loafer that has no accessory and remind slipper. They are the symbol of men who do not take life too seriously, who love fun and simplicity. They are usually preferred with sportswear. Materials such as suede and velvet are classicalized in this type.
Deck Shoes (Colin)
It is the type of shoe they have developed to provide comfort to sailors who move for a long time on the boat decks, to prevent slipping and accidents on the wood surfaces used on the floor.
They have 2 or 3 holes as characteristic and its laces extend from the edge of the wrist to the back of the shoe. They are usually produced by using waterproof leather in the shades of coffee, and the leather parts on the nose sections are combined with a special hand stitching called “Saraç”. The substrate is used in natural rubber soles with a serrated pattern (herringbone pattern) which is an anti-slip. Even if these types of shoes are designed for boats they can be combined with all kinds of clothes in the summer months, with pleasure and ease.
Chelsea (Beatles) Boots
This iconic design, which has existed since the 1850s, has marked British fashion in the 1950s.
Wrist-high and ankle-free boots in elastic bands by two wrists are extremely stylish and comfortable.It’s more practical than a loafer to wear it thanks to its tyre structure.
Because of the legendary members of the Beatles group John Lennon and Paul McCarney, didn’t take off their Chelsea boots which they took from the Anello store on 96 Charing Cross Road on the way from Liverpool to Paris in 1961, this type is also called as Beatles boots. The sneaker version of such a casual classic will be an indispensable part of your collection. You don’t have to think about what to combine, just find the right color and fit it on.
Chukka & Desert Boots
Chukka boots worn by the British Army during World War II began to become popular in civil life in the 1940s. They are traditionally short boots with wrist-high, opened-tie structure and have 2-3 shoelace holes. They are manufactured in different colors from calf leather or suede leather. They are very suitable for casual wear. Desert boots can be defined as Chukka’s crepe rubber-based versions, they are essentially the same species. Thanks to this crepe base, the model is more comfortable and has a shabby(?) style.
Military Boots
Millitary boots are usually designed in accordance with harsh such as waterproofness, heat stabilization, adhesion and adherence to different surfaces, ability to clutch and support the wrist.
Thanks to military trends in the fashion world, such boots are placed on the stores in a way that it’s properly eased and elegantly suited for everyday wear.
Although their technological functions have decreased, they do not easily pass water. It extends to the top of the wrist and makes you feel safe by wrapping your feet with strong ties.
The sneaker versions of this type of boots will show you really different and powerful.
Hiking / Alpine Boots
This group, which we can define as hiking shoes, is the short wristed version of military-type footwear and may be described as a comfort-enhanced version. They are manufactured from technological materials with phonyions, such as skimming, air and waterproof. These shoes are boots/shoes made of leather materials with similar appearance in the fashion world. As characteristics, laces are cross-linked and provide a strong grip through robust metal hooks. Sneaker versions can be a good option to reflect your adventurous spirit. They can be worn during the summer and winter months.

When buying leather sport sneakers
When you observe a shoe, its sneaker look doesn’t make it a real sneaker. It should be really comfortable, orthopedic and attractive as well.
We can sort the factors determines the quality of leather sport footwear;
The reason we prefer to have leather when buying shoes is to interact with our body when worn for a while and take the shape of our feet. In addition, due to its natural pores, it continuously prevents the formation of bacteria by providing air circulations. These two criteria are vitally important in terms of foot beauty and health. The biggest favor you can do when you buy shoes is to make sure you have genuine leather.
Maybe most of us do not examine the soles while buying, but the sole of a shoe is one of the most important factors that determines comfort. Most of the weight of the shoe originates from the base and the raw material of the base determines the amount of reaction we get from the ground at every step.
The raw materials of the soles used in premium sneakers are usually based on rubber, EVA or polyurethane. In some technological bases, these substances are used together in different layers and in different densities. This is because the lower layer has higher strength and the ability to not slip, while the upper layer is more flexible and comfortable to ensure maximum performance.
Foot bed
However, if our bed which we spent 8 hours each day on average affects our body health and allows us to sleep comfortably, the foot beds in our shoes is the bed of our feet.
Its thickness, orthopedic design and the density of the material used are very important in the health of our skeletal system.
You should always remove the foot bed and inspect when buying a quality sports shoe. Squeeze the heel part between your thumb and forefinger. If you feel that your nail tips are worth each other, you will be completely crushed and lost under your feet.
It is not possible to maintain the comfort of this type of insoles and the orthopedic feature.
Shoe Last
Shoe lasts are designed according to the statistical average measurements taken from certain regions. If the product you receive is manufactured from a quality and soft leather, this condition is compensated by the skin. The most important point is that the sole, inner sole and last are must be designed to match each other and there shouldn’t be the feeling of sticking a needle on the heel part when you try it on.

Production Phase of Leather Shoe
Footwear production is among the first in the world of labour intensive sectors. A male leather sports shoe that you receive has been touched by hundreds of masters from around 100 processes on your journey.
Livestock, leather, chemistry, design, planning, marketing, production (cutting, counter (planting), assembly, cleaning, packaging), distribution, informatics and dozens of different disciplines that we do not count in conjunction with the result of a great labor has reached you.
We can easily say that %70 of each leather shoe is handmade. But “handmade shoes” means something else. Handmade shoes defined as that each part of the skin or derivative, even the seams are sewn manually, no machine has been used. It’s a craft which can be applied by numbered remarkable masters in the world.
Today, some brands are trying to trick consumers by marketing themselves as %100 handmade footwear with disrespecting this concept and craftsmen. This is wrong; but it should be known that %70 of each leather shoe is hand labour.

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