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      BUB is a athleisure sneaker brand, created to serve a genuine purpose.


      Our Atelier has been manufacturing finest quality leather sneakers for well known luxury fashion brands for many years.

      After all that experience and more than 30 global exhibitions we questioned ourselves, did that really make sense to do it all in the big picture? What was all that struggle for, only for making more profit?

      All that years, we produced with old school Italian production techniques and we used 75% human labour and 25% machine power to support human effort and make it more efficient as it supposed to be.

      First we realized, the intense human-labour and creating something with the ultimate quality with it, were key values of our business.

      Second we undarstand, these values were critically important for a better future in the era of digital transformation, that we have been living through right now.

      So we decided to build a brand on these foundations in a way that truely makes sense in the big picture, which could be used a communication tool for rising certain awareness about what is really important, and makes sense.

      It was the time to shift our mindsets from business for profit to business for purpose, so BUB story had begun. Today we do not produce for other brands any more and completely focused on BUB, so on to our mission.

      Hopefully we will write the rest of the story all together, and encourage many other stories to begin.

      There may have been times in your life that you have questioned yourselves in a similar way. Let’s accept it’s not that easy to change it all, but it’s possible. We all just need the right kind of support to be encouraged to take the first step forward. Let's do it together.


      This is a call to action.


      You can always contact us at info@bub.shoes or interact with us on Instagram.

       All the bests,