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      We have been manufacturing finest quality leather shoes for more than 30 years in our factory.

      All these years, we served well known global fashion brands and unfortunately they charged you more than fair.

      Today we step forward with our house brand - BUB - to bring real accesible luxury in your life, as you have always deserved.

      We do production old school with Italian production techniques in Istanbul, Turkey.

      When you order, we take it into production instantly and make it ready to ship in 2-3 days.

      By this way we can lower our production costs as much as possible, and offer these beautifully handcrafted leather sneaker half priced compared with benchmarks.

      When you receive your first BUB's, what you will get will be looking even better than what you see on the website.

      Just enjoy your comfortable and elegant and unique and bold and sexy designer sneakers as much as possible.


      We give personalized attention to all your inquiries, complaints and feedbacks.

      You can always contact us at info@bub.shoes or interact with us on Instagram.



      All the bests,