March 01,2017

Are you one of those who talk about it? Or those who actually have it?

We are talking about bravery here. Bravery is a kind of element which has no place in periodic table like hydrogen or plutonium. And it is well known that only a few individuals have it in this universe we live in. You cannot purchase it. So, what are you supposed to do to have it then? You should seek and dig the right place and get it from where it is buried just like a treasure hunter. Here is the clue: the place that you should dig is your heart and mind! You know, somewhere around these two.

So, the element that we call bravery is a thing that everyone has some indeed. It shines during our childhood. However, most of us have been covering it with dust and soil day by day as we grow up. So, we are putting out what helps us to stand out, to dream and make it come true.

Every single thing in the universe exists with its opposition. Therefore, you need to check what is the opposition or enemy of bravery to understand it thoroughly: Fear!

Fear is the thing which always tells you to stop, to be quiet and makes you follow the mainstream. The thing that tackles when you just get ready to take your first step into your dreams. OK, let's think it vice versa this time. You know, start your inner journey from the fear. Visualize the dreams again which were spoiled by the fear and are still waiting there to be accomplished.

Remember the dreams that you afraid of. And those you postponed every time in order not to feel like a coward. Come on, let's confess that you did such kind of things in past. You postponed, you obeyed, and you waited and kept it inside of you. And you've become sad every single time. Just because of not giving them a try.

Well, how many more years will you live? Of course, you do not know about it! Is there still a place for fear in your remaining time for the moments and dreams to be spoiled by fear? No!

Now, as you know where the bravery is, it is time to move. Let's take bravery element of you out from where it is buried and it will start to shine just like that. Remember that it is the night which leads to the day. And that is fear when it comes to bravery. There will always be fear but, you have to keep on moving intentionally. There are enough amount of cowards. So this is why, the world needs you! It needs brave ones.